DFT summer school and behavioral organization

Our institute organizes a yearly summer school on Dynamic Field Theory with a focus on autonomous robotics. The school lasts for a little less than a week and comprises a dense schedule of lectures, exercises, and project work. I have been fortunate enough to be part of the school for the last three years, and it has always been enriching and a lot of fun.

Last year, we recorded all of our lectures and put them online. You can also find a video of a lecture I gave on behavioral organization in Dynamic Field Theory. Unfortunately, the video stream only starts 5 minutes into the video. Here are the slides I used during the lecture.


As part of our weekly internal seminars, I once gave a short talk about an excellent book I had read: Style - The Basics of Clarity and Grace, by Joseph M. Williams. The book points out strategies of improving your writing and has already helped me immensely in writing and revising a bunch of papers. I would recommend it to anyone who has to do any kind of writing from time to time. My talk summarizes the first part of the book.